Entrance Ceremony April 2023

Up dated on 24th March (Updating the information on admission tickets)

[Important Notice for those who have applied for entry tickets]

We have received many applications for entry tickets (QR codes) from various individuals. However, some of you may not have received the QR code as the completion email failed to send. We have noticed that particularly those who have registered the following email addresses tend to experience difficulty in receiving the email:

Please note that the completion email contains the QR code required for entry, so if you have not received the completion email and QR code, please be sure to contact us.

You can submit your inquiries via the “Inquiry Form” on the application website, or send an email to “soumu_kouenkai-co@sophia.ac.jp” including your name, faculty, registration number, and email address at the time of application.

Furthermore, for those who have not yet applied for entry tickets, please make sure to complete your application by March 28th (Tuesday).

By following this notice and completing the necessary procedures, you can smoothly participate in the event. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sophia University Entrance Ceremony April 2023 will be held as below.

1. The Entrance Ceremony for Undergraduate Faculties, Graduate Programs and Course of Midwifery
(1) DATE

Saturday, April 1, 2023


Tokyo International Forum Hall A ( Official Website | Tokyo International Forum Co., Ltd.)

The entrance ceremony for undergraduate/graduate programs and Course of Midwifery will be held on the same day in two sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

We ask for your understanding and cooperation in the numerous measures in place to prevent infection. As the ceremony will also be live-streamed on YouTube, please consider attending online if you are worried about the risk of infection.

(3) Admission

Up to 2 parents/guarantors per student will be considered for admission.

To obtain an admission ticket, please visit the application site below and present your admission ticket (QR code) at the gate on the day of the event.
Please refer to the operation manual for details on how to use the application site.

*Before applying, please make sure that the parents/guarantors who are sure to be able to attend the ceremony.
*If you will find out that you are unable to attend, please make sure to cancel your registration.
*There will be separate admission tickets (QR code) for new students and for parents/guardians.
*As there will be separate entrances for students and parents/guardians, please bring your own admission QR code when you arrive.
*The seating area will also be different for students and their parents/guardians. Please note that they cannot be seated in the same area.
*The venue will be crowded just before the opening ceremony starts. We ask for your cooperation in entering the venue at least 15 minutes before the opening ceremony.
*There are no waiting room or space for accompanying people in the Tokyo International Forum.

<Application site for New Students
Morning session:https://e-ve.event-form.jp/event/48971/am2023student

<Application site for Parents/Guardians
Morning session:https://e-ve.event-form.jp/event/48969/am2023parents

Click here for the operation manual of the application site
 ●New Students

  • Basic infection control measures such as hand washing and disinfection should be taken at all times. Please refrain from talking loudly in the halls and on campus, as it will be very crowded on the day of the event.
  • If you have a fever or are feeling unwell, please refrain from entering the venue. If you feel uneasy about coming to the venue, please take it easy and watch YouTube.
  • Wearing masks is at your own discretion, but we ask that you please be considerate of those around you when conversing in crowded areas.

There will be two sessions on the day, one in the morning and a second in the afternoon depending on the faculty or graduate Program.

<< Morning Session >>
Doors open at 08:45 a.m. / Ceremony begins at 9:30 a.m. / Close at 10:30 a.m.

・Faculty of Theology
・Faculty of Human Sciences
・Faculty of Law
・Faculty of Foreign Studies
・Faculty of Liberal Arts
・Graduate School of Theology
・Graduate School of Human Sciences
・Graduate School of Law
・Graduate School of Languages and Linguistics
・Graduate School of Global Studies
・Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies
・Course of Midwifery

<< Afternoon Session >>
Doors open at 11:30 a.m. / Ceremony begins at 0:15 p.m. / Close at 1:15 p.m.(to be determined)

・Faculty of Humanities
・Faculty of Economics
・Faculty of Global Studies
・Faculty of Science and Technology
・Graduate School of Humanities
・Graduate School of Applied Religious Studies
・Graduate School of Economics
・Graduate School of Science and Technology
・Degree Program of Applied Data Science

The ceremony will be live streamed on YouTube for parents and guarantors.
Morning session

Afternoon session

*The recording can be viewed via the same URL until April 25.

(5) Schedule after the ceremony

【Faculty Meeting】will be held on Yotsuya Campus after the ceremony.
Student IDs and other materials will be distributed, with guidance given by faculty members.

*Only new students are allowed to enter the Faculty meeting rooms.

Date: Saturday, April 1, 2023

Venue: Sophia University, Yotsuya Campus
◆(Faculty)Morning Session group: 11:30 a.m. ~
◆(Faculty)Afternoon Session group: 2:15 p.m.~

* Information concerning meetings of the graduate schools and special courses will be provided on the day of the ceremony.

(6) Entrance day Thanksgiving Mass

Please visit the website for new students for the information.

For further information regarding to the Ceremony
please contact:
Office of General Affairs
Phone:03-3238-3172 E-mail:soumu_kouenkai-co@sophia.ac.jp
*If you are replying by email, please write “Entrance Ceremony” in the subject line.