Information for new students of Faculty of Liberal Arts regarding Sophia Orientation Day

Information for new students of Faculty of Liberal Arts regarding “Sophia Orientation Day”

1. What is Sophia Orientation Day?

Sophia University holds “Orientation Camp” every semester for new students. Orientation camp is a two-day over-night session for all incoming degree students to help you in transitioning to college life, getting to know new friends, seniors and professors. You can get academic information on course registration etc. and your helpful seniors will give you useful tips and advice on any aspects of campus life.

For Spring 2021, due to the COVID-19, unfortunately we cannot hold this program in a form of two-day event. As an alternative plan to succeed the tradition of above-mentioned camp, we would like to introduce you the new event called “Sophia Orientation Day (SOD)”. This program is a combination of different guidance and department meetings that will be held in one day on Yotsuya Campus. As this program will provide you various significant information regarding student life, we hope SOD will be a great start of your study at Sophia University.


  • Students who cannot come in person to Tokyo may attend the Department Meetings of Sophia Orientation Day online.
  • There will also be online orientation sessions on other days than April 7. Detailed schedule will be informed to new students as soon as it is decided, so keep your schedule open during the orientation week.
  • Below is the information for new student who can come in person to Tokyo to attend SOD at Yotsuya Campus.

2. Date and place for FLA

Date: April 7, 2021

Place: 6-101 (Building #6, Room 101)

3. Program content, lunch break

10:00a.m. – 10:15a.m.Welcome speech from the President/Vice President
10:15a.m. – 10:45a.m.Guiance on student life (including Counseling Center service)
10:45a.m. – 11:30a.m.First Departmental Meeting
11:30a.m. – 1:00p.m.Lunch Break
1:00p.m. – 4:00p.m.Second Departmental Meeting (maximum 4:00p.m.)
  • Program will start from 10:00. You can enter the room from 9:40
  • Department meetings will be held twice by FLA Professors and student Helpers. Please follow the instruction from Helpers regarding the place of department meetings.

Cafeterias and Shops

For lunch break, cafeteria and shops on Yotsuya Campus are open as below.

  1. 11:00a.m. – 2:00p.m.
    (1) Bldg.#2-5F   Cafeteria,   (2) Bldg.#2-5F   Subway Store,
    (3) Bldg.#6-1F   S-CAFÉ store,   (4) Bldg.#9-B1F   9CAFÉ,
    (5) Bldg.#11-B1F   Lounge,   (6) Hoffmann Hall-4F   Tokyo Halal Deli & Café

    ⇒ Number of seats provided at each place will be lessen according to the ventilation capacity standardized by Japan Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. Acrylic board will be placed between users in case of face-to-face setting.
    ⇒ As for the prevention of COVID-19, tea dispensers service will be stopped. Please prepare drinks on your own if needed.
  2. 8:00a.m. – 5:00p.m.
    Bldg.#12-B1F   Seven-Eleven Store

Cautions when using cafeterias
  • Please wash/sanitize your hands before using.
  • When you eat (and do not wear mask), do not talk with other people. Due to the small number of seats, please leave the cafeteria after you finish eating.
  • If you eat food that is not provided by cafeteria such as lunch box, you can use specified places for lunch. For details, please follow the instruction from Helper. Please remember to wash/sanitize your hands before eating, refrain from talking together and keep distance with other people while eating.
  • If you eat lunch at the same place of department meetings, please follow the instruction of Professors and Helpers, apply COVID-19 preventive method as above.

4. Prevention of COVID-19

Regarding prevention of COVID-19 on campus, please check the details on below URL. We hope for your cooperation regarding this.

5. Others

School song can be seen in below URL (Japanese only).

6. Contact

SOD Coordinating staffs, Center for Student Affairs, Sophia University
TEL: 03-3238-3525