When students contract an infectious disease as defined by the School Health and Safety Act (Covid-19, influenza, measles, whooping cough, rubella, mumps, chicken pox, etc.), they are not allowed to come to school for a certain period of time to prevent the spread of the disease.
If students contract a new infectious disease, special measures may be taken.


If you are Infected

In case of COVID-19, the suspension of attendance period is “5 days after onset of illness” and “24 hours after fever loweres”.
Please be sure to report to the University(Health and Wellbeing Center) at LOYOLA that you have contracted the COVID-19
※LOYOLA Questionnaire > ”Report for COVID-19 infection” LOYOLA

When a student returns to school after recovering from COVID-19 infection, a certificate is not required, but may be requested if the student requests consideration for absence from class.
Doctor’s permission to return to campus (Toko Kyoka Sho)” (感染症治癒後登校許可証明書)

Please wear a mask to school for 10 days after the onset of the illness as possible。

If your housemate may be infected

Please wear a mask to school if possible.
If your roommate has tested positive, please avoid to contact with the positive in your residence.
If you are not feeling well, please refrain from entering the campus.

If you have symptoms

When you have following Symptoms, please refrain from entering the campus.
・fever over 37.5℃ ・sore throat ・severe cough ・fatigue
At least 24hours have passed after fever lowers without taking any medication, you can enter campus.

Infectious diseases other than COVID-19

Should you contract such a disease, take the following steps:

  1. You must follow your physician’s instructions and stay home until there is no risk of infection. Please notify the Health and Wellbeing Center Health services of your situation by Loyola. Please fill in the questionnaire “Survey on Infectious Diseases (except for Novel Coronavirus)”.
  2. Download the “Doctor’s permission to return to campus (Toko Kyoka Sho)” (感染症治癒後登校許可証明書)and have it filled out by your physician (a form from any medical organization may be used if it states the period the student is not allowed to go to school).
    ※If you cannot download the form, ask for the form at the Health and Wellbeing Center Health services.
  3. When you return to school, submit the above original certificate to the Health and Wellbeing Center Health services, and photocopies of the certificate to each of your class instructors.

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