Obligations at Sophia

  1. Arriving bt the designated arrival date and attending Orientation is obligation.
  2. Exchange students will receive their personal login ID at the Orientation after arriving in Japan, and register for courses on-line during the course registration period (Detailed explanations will be provided at orientation).
  3. Exchange students must be enrolled in their home institute until the end of the study abroad.
  4. All University fees such as Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research (this fee is not covered by exchange contracts, 800 yen/year) and Housing fees are to be paid by the prescribed deadline. Academic credit will not be entered on a student’s record, nor transcripts issued, nor will course registration for the following semester be permitted, unless all fees, including the above costs, have been paid. Furthermore, the problem will be reported to student’s home institution. In case students have overdue books, the same penalty will be applied.

Restriction of Course Registration

  1. FLA core programs, FST laboratory classes, GPGS compulsory courses, the foreign language courses (except Japanese language), seminars, compulsory courses in General Studies, “Studies in Christian Humanism: For Others, with Others”, “Liberal Arts of the Body”, “Critical Thinking & Writing”, “Overview of Data Science”, “Thinking about Issues, Perspectives and Positionality” are NOT open to exchange students.
  2. Students should register for more than 10 hours(600 minutes) of class work per week (1 hour being 60 minutes) in order to qualify for a “College Student” visa status.
    Regardless of visa status, exchange students must register and complete more than 10 clock hours of courses(600 minutes) per week in order to maintain their exchange student status at Sophia.
    To fulfill this requirement, attending at least 6 periods (100 minutes constitute one period) every week is necessary.

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