New policies for masks on campus

Based on the government’s new policy on wearing masks, we would like to inform you about new policies for masks on campus after March 13th. As there are various members on campus, please be considerate of others and behave sensibly.

[New policies for wearing a mask after March 13]

  • Whether or not to wear a mask is left to your own judgment.
  • There are situations where it is recommended to wear it so as not to spread the infection to others.
    Refer to a poster by Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
    Wearing a mask is not compulsory, but please carry a mask with you and use it when necessary.
  • Please do not forget to be considerate of members who may be anxious due to underlying illnesses, etc., and act in a way that respects each other.
  • Installation of antiseptic solution at the building entrance and installation of thermography will continue. Please continue to take basic measures to prevent infection (washing hands, ventilating, avoiding loud voices in close quarters, etc.) and to take care of your physical condition.
  • In the future, if the epidemic spreads in the Tokyo metropolitan area or on campus, we may recommend wearing a mask again.

*At Mejiro Seibo Campus, depending on the situation, we may ask you to continue to take measures against infection, such as wearing a mask, in order to prepare for nursing practice.