Student Support Services

Feel free to consult with us

If you are facing some issues and are at a loss of what to do, and find yourself wishing to be able to discuss your worries with someone, please don’t hesitate to share your concerns with us. There is no reason to battle alone.

It is common to run into all sorts of new challenges in university life. There are a number of student support services on campus to help you with a variety of issues. Please feel free to visit the campus consultation desks that you feel comfortable with. The consultation is free of charge.
All consultations and privacy concerns will be kept strictly confidential.

Class Advisor

Each undergraduate department has a class or seminar unit with a class advisor. You can consult with them for guidance and advice on your studies, courses, career pathways, and other issues of student life. Please refer to the “Course Handbook” for the class advisors of each department.

Off-Campus Consultation Resources

Medical Care and Counseling

Consumer, Legal, Labor Consultation

Consultation to quit smoking

The university has started the activities aiming for a smoking free environment from 2018.
Please take a look at the pamphlet about good side of non-smoking and stories of people who was successful in quitting smoking.
Health Center also provides consultation to stop smoking and introduction to the smoking cessation medical service.

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