Message from the President: Addressing the Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza

Dear Members of the Sophia University Community,

As reflected in the message of Pope Francis, the international community is extremely appalled and outraged by the inhumane situation currently faced by the people of the Palestinian Gaza Strip. We strongly condemn all acts of human rights violations by use of force, and call for immediate ceasefire and for the restoration of the lives and security of the local people based on human dignity.

Based on its educational philosophy of “For Others, With Others,” Sophia University, since its foundation, has consistently remained committed to peace, aiming to realize a society in which the dignity of each individual is respected foremost. War is the act of violence that destroys peace and is in direct conflict with our educational philosophy. We always stand alongside the vulnerable.

Moreover, Sophia University comprises students, faculty, and staff from diverse religious, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. A university should be a place where each of these diverse members can engage in discussion without feeling intimidated. In other words, the discussions that take place on this campus should be open and vigorous, not rejecting opposing views but respecting different standpoints and seeking peace in society and the welfare of all people. Engaging in such dialogue and discussion may stir emotions and evoke strong feelings. If you are experiencing distress, please come to us for support.

Please note that under no circumstances will Sophia University tolerate discrimination of any kind or tolerate any act that offends the dignity of others. We are aligned with people from all walks of life who love peace and respect human dignity.

War and conflict continue to erupt and escalate around the world. We cannot help but feel deep sorrow and anger at the loss of innocent lives due to unjustified aggression and the exposure of many civilians to prolonged life-threatening danger.

Sophia University continues to sign cooperative agreements with various universities and research institutions around the world in order to promote research and education activities that contribute to the realization and development of world peace through open and fair discussion and dialogue from an academic perspective. We are committed to promoting research and education activities for the realization of a world in which the dignity of each individual is respected regardless of race or ethnicity.

Yoshiaki Terumichi
President of Sophia University