22 October 2022:  Sophia University hosted Online Special Symposium on “How Can We End the War of Ukraine?”

Sophia Institute of International Relations at Sophia University, together with Sophia Institute for Human Security, Center for Global Education and Discovery, and Japan Global Dialogue (NGO) hosted a special symposium about the Russian invasion to Ukraine and the roles of the United Nations, global powers, and neighboring states to end the war.

The symposium was joined by Amb. Yoshihiro Katayama; Japanese Ambassador in the Republic of Moldova, Dr. Lise Howard, Professor and President of Academic Council on UN System; Dr. Sukehiro Hasegawa, former UN head in Timor-Leste, as well as Dr. Daisaku Higashi, Professor at Sophia University, who keeps proposing approaches on how to end this war without escalating it into the global war.

Prof. Daisaku Higashi also planned, coordinated, and moderated the symposium. Dr. Yoshiaki Terumichi, President of Sophia University, delivered the initial remarks.

There were more than 350 participants from all over the world.

With the panelists from US (Prof. Howard), Moldova, neighboring country of Ukraine (Amb. Katayama), and Japan (Dr. Hasegawa and Dr. Higashi), and participants from all over the world, the online symposium became a global conversation on how to end the war in Ukraine, the global threat which could be expanded into a global war.

Online Symposium on 22 October 2022