Rakugo to the World ~Autumn 2020~

Autumn Semester 2020, We welcomed Mr. TATEKAWA Shinoharu (Rakugo-ka-Japanese Comic Storyteller) to the online event for exchange students via Zoom. He performed Rakugo in English which is one of the most traditional Japanese cultures. Not only exchange students who have been living in Japan and regular students who were the members of supporters for exchange students, but the exchange students from Denmark, Russia, Lithuania, and other European countries with different time zone attended and were caught up in the powerful Rakugo world by Mr. Tatekawa. 

This event was held via Zoom and all participants kept the video on, their giggles set the mood for the event more active. Particularly, they heartily laughed when they listened to the scene from the Rakugo story named “Tenshiki” (転失気) which a Buddhist priest who pretended to know medical knowledge completely fooled by a young Buddhist monk. Also, the Q&A session was full of questions until the time.

Under the coronavirus pandemic, where we live our lives with anxiety and stress, this session gave us a cheerful moment by sharing time and laughing together. At the same time, we rediscovered the importance of [laughing] under this serious condition.

Thank you so much again, Mr. Shinoharu!