Sushi Making Experience

Sophia University offers January Session and Summer Session for those who are interested in a short-term study abroad experience at Sophia. Program participants can gain first-hand experience on many aspects of not only Japanese culture, but also East Asian culture and society – witnessing the myriad of ways in which the cultures of the world are reflected in the maze-like urban landscape of Tokyo.

In the middle of January 2024, we offered the international students of January Session to Temari-Sushi (tiny sushi ball) cooking class. Firstly, they briefly learned the history of Tokyo, and the difference between common Sushi and Temari-Sushi. Then, they tried their first-time Sushi making from beginning to end. After the cooking session, it was the most exciting part of the program, lunch time to eat their self-made Temari-Sushi. All participants seemed to be satisfied with the meal.

While the duration of these short-term programs may be brief, we hope their experiences at Sophia University will be fruitful.