Programs for Student Life

We have prepared a few programs to promote awareness of important issues as you begin your new university life as follows:

Course Duration: April 8, 2024 (Monday) – April 28, 2024 (Sunday)


  • A) Safety and Security Awareness
    You will acquire the mindset of a Sophia student and lead a healthy campus life.
  • B) Harassment Prevention Training
    You will gain the knowledge necessary to create a campus where gender equality and diversity are respected.
  • C) The Universal Manners Test
    An introductory course to learn the importance of and basic tips for communicating with Others such as older persons and persons with disabilities to receive a qualification by the Japan Universal Manners Association. Be sure to complete Level 3 and obtain your certificate.


  • D) Student Life Animated Videos
    To create a campus where all students can be themselves without fear or anxiety.

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