Global Research Collaboration Network

Sophia University promotes internationalization of research activities and international competitiveness through its research exchange network with overseas universities.


MIRAI is a research collaboration network between Japanese and Swedish universities. Currently, nine Japanese universities and eleven Swedish universities participate in MIRAI 2.0 (its second phase). The primary purpose of this collaboration is to advance long-term research collaboration and promote Sweden and Japan as leading nations of global large-scale research infrastructure. Scholars, professionals, students, and administrators exchange innovative ideas and create international leading knowledge together throught scientific workshops and seminars in the field of Ageing, Artificial Intelligence, Innovation and Entreneurship, Materials Science, and Sustainability. The Research & Innovation weeks is one of the main engaged collaboration research activities of MIRAI 2.0.


The Strategic Alliance of Catholic Research Universities (SACRU) is a global network of Catholic universities dedicated to research and teaching excellence, engagement and global collaboration informed by Catholic social teaching. Advancing world leading knowledge and higher education for the common good through SACRU collaborations will be the mission of SACRU. The vision of SACRU will be to reinforce the link between faith and reason in the digital age, enhance research for the common good, promote global education, develop digital transformation, accelerate interdisciplinarity in education and research, and contribute to knowledge and technological transfer through various global academic engagement activities and initiatives.