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Information about rental apartments from Sophia Campus Support (SCS) Co.,Ltd.

Sophia Campus Support (SCS) Co.,Ltd., a company owned by Sophia School Corporation, is supporting students with their housing service such as holding information session (in Japanese) regarding rental apartment for new student and so on.

Housing Guarantor System

Generally, when you sign an apartment rental contract in Japan, a co-signer is required. When a co-signer is not available, you must use the services of a guarantor company. In order to ensure that our students can smoothly complete their contracts and begin their studies, we recommend you use the guarantor company below. Global Trust Networks (GTN) グローバルトラストネットワークス

If you are an international student of Sophia University (regardless of visa status), you are eligible to utilize the guarantor company’s housing co-sign guarantee at a specially discounted rate.

Guarantor Services
  1. Support in English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Portuguese and Nepali.
  2. You do not have to find anyone to co-sign for your housing.
    You can enjoy the company’s co-sign guarantee simply by designating both an emergency contact person in your home country (family), and an emergency contact here in Japan (any nationality).
  3. Support for your daily life.
    For example, you can call the help line for assistance when you move in and need to complete your utility contracts – electric, gas, and water. You can also call for support when you’d like to cancel or renew your housing contract.
Guarantor Fees

First time service fee: 20% discounted from the original fee.
*However, the minimum limit is ¥20,000.
Yearly fee: ¥10,000 (From the second year of your housing contract)

The website is also available in Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese.

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