Introduction of an Off-Campus Harassment Consultation Service

Introduction of an Off-Campus Harassment Consultation Service

Sophia School Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the Corporation) prohibits any act of harassment and ensures that education, research, studies, student life, and work are conducted in a fair and safe environment, as it respects the individuality of all its members, and recognizes that harassment is an infringement of human rights and an act of sexual discrimination.
To further strengthen our organization to prevent harassment, we have introduced Sophia School Corporation Off-Campus Harassment Consultation Service (hereinafter referred to as the Off-Campus Consultation Service) as an external resource in addition to the current consultation services by internal consulting offices and consultants. If you should have any trouble, please don’t hesitate to ask the Off-Campus Consultation Service, the internal consulting offices and/or consultants.
To use the Off-Campus Consultation Service, please first go through the following general information and note it fully, and contact the service by a telephone hotline, web form, postal mail, or email.

1. How to consult

(1) Service hours
i) Consultation by a hotline (telephone):
Weekdays: 8:30–19:00 , Saturdays: 8:30–17:00 (unavailable on, Sundays, national holidays, New Year holidays)
ii) Consultation via the web, postal mail, or email:
Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
*If you prefer the Off-Campus Consultation Service not to share what you have told with the Corporation, please consult via the hotline.
*The Off-Campus Consultation Service will ask your name, but you can choose to remain “anonymous” in the reporting from the Off-Campus Consultation Service to the Corporation.
*Consultation services are offered free of charge (cost of communication for using the web or mailing may be required).

(2) How to contact
Please check the information at the Loyola web service.

“bulletin board” → “大学掲示板:University bulletin board” → “Introduction of an Off-Campus Harassment Consultation Service”

(3) Language
Services are available basically in Japanese or in English. Only on the telephone hotline, you can consult also in Chinese.

2. Applicable scope

i) Faculty and staff members in the higher education institutions of the Corporation (regardless of the form of employment)
ii) Students of Sophia University (including graduate students, exchange students, research students, foreign special research students, credited auditors, and non-degree students)
iii) Students of Sophia University Junior College Division
iv) Persons attending extension programs

3. Issues to be consulted on

Various issues concerning harassment
*The service is basically not available for consultations on issues other than harassment.

4. Consultants

Consultants at this service are the staff from NEC VALWAY, Ltd., which operates the service as the Corporation’s contractor (consultants on the telephone hotline are all female staff).
*After a consultation, the service will send the information to the section in charge if the consulter prefers. For the details, please check the information at the Loyola web service.
*The Off-Campus Consultation Service will not be involved in negotiations or response to solve the problem.

5. Contact information

Harassment Complaint Committee (the Office of General Affairs, Bureau of General Affairs)

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