How to prevent harassment

How to prevent harassment

It is difficult to decide whether certain conduct falls under the category of harassment, as each individual has a different concept of unwelcome behavior. Therefore, it is not a simple question of whether or not specific behavior is considered to be harassment.

It is important to know how well you are communicating with other persons and whether you have the “antenna”to catch any signal of an uncomfortable reaction from them. If you have a good relationship of trust with people around you and everyone can express their feelings, there is no possibility of harassment. When people are not communicating well, there is probably a relationship of unequal power in which one person cannot say “No” to the other. Please take extra care if you are in a position of leadership, for example, in a research lab or during club activities and so on.
You should always ask yourself the following questions:

(1) Can you say or do the things to your own family in the same manner?

(2) How would you feel if the same things were said or done to your own family?

(3) Would you say or do the things if your own family was there on the spot watching you?

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