Steps to be taken for resolving harassment cases

Privacy protection and prohibition of disadvantageous treatment

  • All those concerned in consultations or solving a case shall protect the privacy of the persons involved and keep all matters in strict confidence.
  • The complainant and all those concerned shall not be put at a disadvantage for reporting harassment and cooperating in the investigation of harassment.
  • False reports and testimony relating in any way to harassment shall be prohibited. Anyone making a false report or giving false testimony shall be punished.

Appointments for harassment-related consultations

  1. Appointments for harassment-related consultations on campus can be made with the Consulting Office or the Harassment Consultant.(∗)

    If you should have any questions about the procedures to be taken from consultations to resolution, or which Harassment Consultant you should contact, please do not hesitate to ask the on-campus Consulting Office.

    If you wish to see a medical expert instead of the Consulting Office and Consultants, please make an appointment at the Health and Wellbeing Center Health Services (*former Health Center) in advance (tel:03-3238-3396).

    Depending on the situation of COVID-19 infections, the application method for consultations may be partially changed.

  2. An Off-campus Harassment Consultation Desk can also be accessed by phone, in writing, via e-mail or through the website. Please refer the page of Off-Campus Harassment Consultation Service .

On-campus procedures to be taken from consultations to resolution

  • Please make a request via “Consultation forms for harassment cases” button below.

  • If the complainant wishes to talk with a Consultant of the opposite sex, or if the complainant consults on three or more occasions on one case of harassment, two Consultants will be appointed to address the case.

  • The Consultant will offer consultation and help find a solution to the case.

  • Should there be any offensive behavior by the complainant against the Consultant, the Consultant may refuse to provide the service or suspend it.

  • If the problem cannot be resolved by consultation, a request can be made to the Complaint Committee to arrange a mediation by discussion between the complainant and the accused or a complaint can be filed with the Prevention Committee.
    Only the person who was harassed can apply for mediation or file a complaint
  1. In the event a consulter applies for mediation and the other party agrees, the concerned parties engage in discussion on resolving the problem in the presence of the mediators.
    Mediators present a mediation proposal for reconciling the claims of the parties, and a mediation shall be concluded if both parties accept the mediation proposal
  2. When a complaint is filed, a fair investigation will be conducted to confirm the facts.
    Once the facts are confirmed and a case of harassment is recognized, appropriate measures will be taken to assist the victim and punish the harasser.

On-campus consultation forms

Consultation appointment requests and inquiries received outside the office hours of university administration, such as on Saturday, Sunday, national holidays, summer recess and New Year holidays, will be taken care of on the next business day.

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