◆Providing advice about support/introductions to other university departments

We will take the primary consultation from students with disabilities concerning their student life.
After consultations, they will be introduced to assigned departments within the university as necessary.

◆Adjustments to learning environments

We will cooperate with other departments within the university and discuss what can be done in order to make the needed adjustments to the learning environment of students with disabilities.

Examples of adjustments (reasonable accommodation) made concerning the environment and information during classes

All disabilities Considerations concerning practical training classes (P.E., etc.) and seating, as well as the provision of class notes
Visual disability Extension of exam times/answer methods
Hearing disability Considerations during listening tests, support for access to lecture information (using automatic transcription software “UD Talk”)
Physical disability Changing classrooms, installing adjustable desks in the classrooms, and setting up a place for caregivers
Developmental disorder/mental disorder Written instructions for important information, allowing the use of noise-canceling earphones, allowing pictures of the blackboard to be taken, and allowing the use of recording devices


*The above are examples and further considerations/adjustments for support will be made based on the conditions, needs, and supporting documents of each student with disabilities.

Examples of environmental adjustments within the campus (improvements in facility/equipment)

An increase in adult changing tables in the “Restroom for Everyone” , installation of priority seating in the cafeterias

◆Loaning Individual lockers

We lend individual lockers to students who have difficulty carrying their luggage due to their disability.

◆Loaning elevator IC cards

Some elevators in Yotsuya campus do not stop on certain floors. Students who have trouble using the stairs due to their disability may rent an IC card that will allow them to use the elevators to stop on any floor.