Japan Africa Dream Scholarship (JADS) Program

Japan Africa Dream Scholarship (JADS) Program by African Development Bank (AfDB)

Last Updated: June, 2024

The Scholarship recipients will be supported for travel fees, tuition fees, and monthly living expenses by African Development Bank.

If you wish to study at Sophia University through JADS program, first, you will need to pass the entrance exam of Sophia University. (*Decision on acceptance or rejection will be made based on screening of the documents submitted by the applicant. Sophia University may request some applicants to take an interview.) After passed, AfDB will include you in the possible candidate list of JADS program, and then, they will select the scholars.

As for the procedure and conditions of applicant, please refer to the following web site of AfDB.

We accept JADS scholars at Master program of Autumn Intake (SEPTEMBER entry ONLY) of the graduate school of Green Science and Engineering, and the graduate school of Global Environmental Studies. The web entry period is from middle of March to early April. For details, please refer to the admissions page.

Application Procedure for JADS

  • Take the entrance exam.
  • After the announcement of the results, the successful candidates will receive a communication about the procedure from Inbound Team, Sophia University.
  • Candidates who have received the email and wish to apply to JADS should IMMEDIATELY send the necessary documents to IDCJ (International Development Center of Japan Inc.). The contact address of IDCJ will be announced by Inbound Team, Sophia University.
  • The necessary documents are as follows:
    1. Passport copy (the page of your picture)
    2. CV (curriculum vitae)
    3. Employment verification letter (from your employer)
    4. A support letter* from the employer of your previous occupation *At least one letter, including length of employment, main job title, etc.
    5. At least two support letters other than the above
    6. Essay (your motivation for application and contribution to society in Africa after graduation)
    7. Research proposals
  • IDCJ and AFDB will conduct the selection and the results will be delivered.

After submitting all necessary documents to our admission office as shown in the instruction, please let us know that you applied by sending us an e-mail to inbound-co@sophia.ac.jp, before you get the acceptance result. Without your notice at this moment, we will not be able to know that you are applying to JADS.

Please be mind that if you are not nominated as a recipient of JADS, you must pay tuition and other necessary fees on your end. Please refer to the “Entrance Procedures” sent from our Admissions Office, for the details of fees and required documents. All procedures must be completed no later than the deadline.


Please make sure to indicate “JADS program” in your message.

  • The procedure of application to JADS scholarship or any inquiry on this scholarship : JADS@AFDB.ORG (AfDB) / IDCJ (International Development Center of Japan Incorporated) https://www.idcj.jp/english/contact
  • Inquiry about admission procedure for Sophia University : admission-g-co@sophia.ac.jp
  • General Inquiry for JADS program at Sophia University : inbound-co@sophia.ac.jp