TTBJ (Tsukuba Test – Battery of Japanese)

All Summer Session in Japanese Language applicants must take a Japanese language competency test for Japanese class placement.

Please follow the steps below:

-TTBJ is free of charge.
-Those who have never studied Japanese before do not need to take the test. On the online application, make sure to indicate your Japanese proficiency as you have “no Japanese learning experience.”
-Applicants that do not upload the placement test score will be automatically placed in the beginner class.

1. Click on the link below and register.

  • Click on “Taking the TTBJ for Individuals” and proceed with your registration for “SPOT90 + Grammar90 + 漢字SPOT50.”
  • A video tutorial is available explaining the steps on how to take the test.
  • Your login ID and password will be sent to your registered email address.

2. Log in and take the test.

Upon completion of the test, you will be able to download your test score in a PDF format.

3. Download the test scores and upload on our online application system as well as entering your scores.

Please upload and enter the following scores:

  • SPOT90 Score
  • Grammar90 Score
  • Kanji(漢字)SPOT50 Score

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