Information regarding Japanese Language Program and Japanese Placement Test

【Center for Language Education and Research (CLER)】

The Center for Language Education and Research offers various levels of Japanese language courses.
Students who wish to take Japanese language courses should review the following video and booklet to prepare for Japanese language course registration.

Japanese Placement Test

Students who wish to register for Japanese language courses should take the “Japanese Placement Test” (JPT) offered by the CLER. Students will be assigned to the appropriate level and course according to the results of the test. Please note if students fail to take the test, they cannot take the Japanese course this semester.

Students who have never studied Japanese do not need to take the placement test. Instead of taking the JPT, submit the application for JPN111 (JAPANESE 1) to the CLER office by the deadline (see p.2 -3 of “Japanese Language Program Spring Semester 2024“brochure ). Students will be assigned to one of the sections of JPN111. If students fail to register for it, they cannot take the Japanese course in the relevant semester.

For details regarding the Japanese language program and course registration for Japanese, please refer to “Japanese Language Program Spring Semester 2024“brochure. Also check Loyola University Bulletin Board “Language courses・LLC” for information after Spring semester starts from April 1.