Daruma painting event

Sophia University offers short-term programs in Japanese language and Japanese and Asian Studies twice a year, called “January Session” and “Summer Session.” Center for Global Education and Discovery organized some events so that students could experience Japanese culture.  

On Friday, 19th January, the Center for Global Education and Discovery held a unique “Daruma Painting Event” at SSIC (Sophia Student Integration Commons). In this event, students painted hand-sized Daruma dolls.  

The process began with each student selecting a color and design followed by writing a rough draft of their ideas. It was a tough but rewarding time for them to choose a design to make it perfect. Once their designs were finalized, they started painting, mixing the colors to make the exact one they wanted. The lecturers prepared gold and silver paints for the accent.  

Each student was showing their creativity and individuality; some of them chose to paint traditional red Daruma dolls, while others painted their favorite anime characters, or used many colors. At first, they were concentrated solely on painting, but as they got used to painting it, they started to chat pleasantly with each other.  

It was a wonderful time to explore Japanese culture through Daruma painting and to become better acquainted through conversation.  

Sophia University organizes a variety of events for international students from all over the world. These events not only offer a taste of Japanese culture but also serve a place for students to interact with each other.