Sophia Dormitories

For inquiries about Sophia dormitories (Edagawa Men’s Dormitory, Soshigaya International House, Arrupe International Residence), please contact us as below.

Coordinators of Sophia Dormitories, Center for Student Affairs, Sophia University
10:00-11:30, 12:30-15:30 from Monday to Friday (Class days)
12:30-15:30 from Monday to Friday (Non-class days)
※Closed on national holidays or during university designated summer/winter break or holidays.

Counter: @Center for Student Affairs, 1F, Building 2, Yotsuya Campus
TEL: 03-3238-4621

For inquiries about arrangement of visits or facilities of Sophia dormitories, please contact the dormitory offices directly.
Arrupe International Residence:TEL: 03-3351-1028; E-mail:
 ※Due to the condition of facility, the university will not be accepting new applications to Sophia-Arrupe International Residence for the Fall Semester of 2024. For the time being, we are not accepting visitors to Arrupe.
Edagawa Men’s Dormitory:03-3615-8918; Email:
Soshigaya International House:03-5384-1201; Email:

Place for all residents to learn, exchange and grow together!

Sophia University owns and directly manages 3 dormitories.

Sophia dormitories—place for learning

This part introduces Sophia dormitories—place for learning as the most important feature. Please take a look at the introduction of our activities, the Altruist Leadership Development Program, Living Group System and so on.

Sophia Soshigaya International House (Male/Female)

This is an international dormitory with more than 300 members with 2/3 international students and 1/3 Japanese living together.

Sophia-Arrupe International Residence (Male/Female)

This is an international dormitory located near Yotsuya Campus where we promote mutual exchange and learning with strong ties among residents.

Sophia Edagawa Men’s Dormitory (Male)

This dormitory located near Toyosu in the Tokyo bay area ensures privacy in a relaxed atmosphere.

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