Policy on Personal Information Protection

Policy on Personal Information Protection

Sophia School Corporation Policy on Personal Information Protection

Below, please find Sophia School Corporation’s policy on personal information protection.

Personal Information Protection Law

Chancellor of Sophia School Corporation
President of Sophia University
President of Sophia Junior College
Director of Sophia School of Social Welfare

The Personal Information Protection Law came into force in April 2005. This law was established to ensure that the rights and interests of individuals would not be harmed by inappropriate collection and use of personal information.
The Sophia School Corporation possesses a vast volume of personal information on current students, guarantors, and graduates as well as on faculty and staff. In April 2003, in order to protect such personal information, we established “regulations on the protection of personal information”. In accordance with the Japanese law and based on respect for the individual, all faculty and staff are obligated to protect any personal information, use it for appropriate purposes and take necessary measures for the safe management of such information.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Sophia School Corporation Policy on Personal Information Protection

1. The Sophia School Corporation shall develop a Compliance Program that shall be organized, implemented, maintained and continually revised. The Program is designed as a system for personal information protection, setting forth the policy that shall be administered, implemented, monitored and reviewed.

2. An organizational control system shall be established for personal information protection to ensure proper collection, handling, use and release of such information, abiding by all relevant regulations and rules.

3. Protective measures for information security shall be taken to ensure that the personal information is accurate and protected. Efforts shall be made to prevent any unauthorized access to, and any loss, destruction, alteration, or leakage of such information.

4. All relative statutes and codes on personal information shall be observed. The University regulations and rules shall conform to such statutes and codes.

Definition of personal information
Personal information is information on students, faculty and staff members of the Sophia School Corporation (including both current and past members), guarantors, or parents (living individuals) such as name, sex, date of birth and other personal details, that the Sophia School Corporation has obtained or prepared in the course of its administrative services and by which an individual is or may be identified.

Such information includes written or printed data, as well as data processed or stored in computers, and other digital or electronic devices.

Collection of personal information
Unless otherwise specified in the Sophia School Corporation regulations and rules, the Corporation will inform individuals about the purpose of collection of such data, the uses it may be put to, and the period for which the data will be retained at the time that such data is collected.

The Sophia School Corporation shall collect personal information from the individual to whom it relates by fair and lawful means. However, personal information may be collected from a third party, if prior approval is obtained from the concerned individual or if it is in accordance with the law.

Limitations for Use
Unless approval is obtained from the individual concerned or it is in accordance with the law, the Sophia School Corporation shall use the personal information it has collected solely for administrative and academic purposes for providing services to its students and the guarantors such as sending out notices or making announcements.

Approval shall be obtained from the individual concerned prior to supplying his/her personal information to any other organization or third party.

Security Measures
The Sophia School Corporation shall appoint a personal information manager to maintain necessary and appropriate management of personal information, to ensure the accuracy of such information and to prevent any falsification, leak or outflow of such data.

If required for administrative purposes, personal information may be handled by outsourcing. In such cases, the Sophia School Corporation shall have the contractor sign an agreement to ensure the appropriate management of such information by the contractor and its employees.

Training programs will be held for all employees of the Sophia School Corporation to ensure that they have a thorough understanding of the regulations regarding the personal information protection law, and to ensure compliance with regulations for protection of personal information.

For Inquiries and Requests:
Individuals may request the disclosure, correction, deletion or suspension of use of their personal information.
For further inquiries, please contact the Office of General Affairs, Sophia School Corporation:

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