External Scholarships (offered by private organizations)

External Scholarships

A variety of External Scholarships are offered by external scholarship foundations and organizations. Each scholarship has its own application process, eligibility and criteria etc.

※For the general guidelines and the track record of the scholarships in past years, please refer to the booklet “Scholarship Information”. “Scholarship Information”

Scholarships currently open to the students

※Please check LOYOLA.

Types of External Scholarships

External scholarships are categorized into 3 types as below. When you apply for a scholarship, please check its type first. Make sure to understand the flow for the application procedure, necessary documentation and specified section to submit it to.

  • University Recommendation based Type:
    Applicants submit the applications(specified by university) to the university and the university selects nominees to the external scholarship foundations. There will be further selection process at the foundations.
  • University-Coordinated Type:
    Applicants submit applications(specified by scholarship foundation) to the university. The university send all the applications to the scholarship foundation without screening process.
  • Direct Application Type:
    Applicants submit applications(specified by scholarship foundation) directly to the foundations.


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