Scholarship for Postgraduate Students

Scholarship for Postgraduate Students

Various scholarship systems are provided for postgraduate students (Master’s Program, Doctoral Program, Law School). The following is information on scholarships for students who demonstrate excellent research abilities and academic performance. Information on application procedures and further details will be posted on Loyola bulletin board.
For students with financial difficulties to continue their studies, information is available on sites for each scholarship (links to the sites lower on this page)

Other financial support (for students with financial difficulties to continue their studies)

※For information on all types of scholarship, please read the booklet “Sophia University Scholarship Information” (PDF version). The booklet shows the number of recipients awarded up to present.

●For inquiries on scholarship, contact:

Financial Support Department, Center for Student Affairs, (service desk ⑩, 1F, Bldg. 2)
Tel. 03-3238-3523/Fax. 03-3238-4131

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