Points to be noted about harassment

Points to be noted about harassment issues

Protection of privacy and prevention of additional harm

Members of the Complaint Committee and the Investigation Committee, any faculty and staff involved shall keep all information related to incidents of the harassment in strict confidence. They shall take care not to cause additional harm to the person seeking advice by implying that he/she could be partly responsible for what happened.

Prohibition of any disadvantage to persons for giving advice or for filing a complaint

Faculty, staff and students shall not be put at a disadvantage in any way, by the person accused, for seeking advice, filing a complaint, cooperating in the investigation of harassment, or any other matters related to the harassment. If such a case is reported, the Corporation shall take resolute actions.

Prohibition of false reports and testimony

False reports and testimony relating in any manner to harassment shall be prohibited. If such a case occurs, the Corporation shall consider punishment against either the person making a false report or the person giving false testimony, and will promptly make efforts to restore the reputations of those who have been falsely implicated.

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