Applicants may need a ‘short term visitor visa’ to enter Japan, depending on their nationality. Please follow the instruction below to check whether or not this applies to you.

<Procedure for Visa Application>

  1. Check the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan website to see if you need to apply for a visa.
  2. If you need to obtain a visa, please mark the Visa Section when you submit your application on the online application system.
  3. After you are accepted to the program, please make the payment as soon as possible in order to proceed with your visa application without delay.
    After we confirm your payment, you will receive an additional instruction from our office on the visa application. Please fill in the designated form with correct information.

    *Regarding the flight information and address while staying in Japan, if you have not finalized these details, please fill in the flight you are most likely to choose and the address where you are most likely to live.
  4. Submit the information to us through our online application system.
  5. Necessary documents for your visa application below will be provided.

    ⅰ) Acceptance Letter to the Program
    ⅱ) Reason for Invitation Letter – Shohei Riyusho (招へい理由書)
    ⅲ) Schedule of stay in Japan – Taizai Yoteihyo (滞在予定表)
    ⅳ) Sophia University brochure
    ⅴ) Letter of Guarantee – Mimoto Hoshosho (身元保証書)
  6. Apply for visa at your local Japanese Embassy/Consulate General.

    Visit your local Japanese Embassy/Consulate General with the above supporting documents to apply and obtain a visa. Before the visit, we suggest you to contact them in advance to check if any additional items or documents are required for your application. The visa application requirement may vary depending on the state or country of your residency.

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