Direct Debit of Tuition and Other Fees

Sophia University has introduced a direct debit system as one of the most convenient ways of paying tuition and fees. The Direct Debit system reduces the burden of payment procedures and the risk of late payment by automatically deducting the tuition fees for each semester from the account of the person responsible for the tuition and fees. In addition, Sophia University covers the direct debit fees. In order to start making direct debits, you need to register for an account. Please read the following instructions carefully and register your account within the registration period.

Method of account registration

Accounts are registered using the “Online Direct Debit Acceptance Service” (web-based and SMS version) offered by Mitsubishi UFJ Factors Limited. You will receive a URL for account registration on your smartphone via SMS (short message service), so make sure that your phone is ready to receive an SMS before registering.

Online Direct Debit Acceptance Service User Guide

Please refer to the following guide for information on how to complete the procedure.

Contact for inquiries regarding the operation of the Online Direct Debit Acceptance Service

Mitsubishi UFJ Factors Limited
Direct debit inquiry form:
Access the site using the above URL and enter the required items, including your email address.

If account cannot be registered using the Online Direct Debit Acceptance Service

If you cannot register your account using a smartphone, please download the direct debit application form (PDF file) and send it to the Academic Records Section of Center for Academic Affairs, Sophia University.
Application form should be sent to the following address:
7-1 Kioi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8554, Japan.
Sophia University, Center for Academic Affairs (Academic Records Section, Tuition and Fees)


Q. What is Direct Debit of Tuition and Other Fees?

A. This is a system whereby tuition fees are automatically deducted from your registered tuition transfer account on the transfer date set by the University. This eliminates the need for the person responsible for tuition fees (tuition fee transfer account holder) to go to the counter during financial institution business hours. The registered tuition transfer account will be used until graduation or completion of the course, unless a change is requested. The actual date of the Direct Debit varies from semester to semester. Please confirm the actual date of the Direct Debit in the tuition fee information document sent by Sophia University.

Q. Whose account should I register for tuition transfer?

A. Please register the account number from which tuition fees will actually be debited and the name of the account holder.
  The account holder does not have to be the student himself/herself.

Q.Is it possible to pay tuition fees for one year by direct debit?

A. If you pay by direct debit, the amount will be deducted from your account each semester.
 If you wish to make a lump-sum payment, please contact us (tuition and fees) and make the payment by bank transfer.

Q.I would like to change my bank account for Direct Debit of Tuitions.

A. Please re-register through the Online Direct Debit Acceptance Service and contact us (tuition and fees). Direct Debit will be made based on the latest information entered. (ONLY those registered two weeks prior to the transfer date will be processed.)

Q. How can I confirm that my tuition fees have been debited?

A. After the Direct Debit, “DF.ジヨウチガクヒ” will appear in the Abstract column of your passbook.

Q. What should I do if I am unable to transfer funds to my account due to insufficient balance or other reasons?

A. Please pay by bank transfer by the due date.
 For details, please refer to the tuition fee information sent by Sophia University.

Q.I am thinking of taking a leave of absence, but will my tuition be debited?

A. If you who have completed the direct debit account registration and submit a request for leave of absence for the Spring Semester after April 1st / for the Autumn Semester after September 21, the stipulated amount before the reduction may be collected by direct debit. Tuition and fees will not be reduced until the leave of absence request is officially approved (approximately one month after submission). Any overpayment will be applied to the tuition and fees for the next semester.

Q.I am considering withdrawing from University at the end of the previous semester, but will my tuition be debited?

A. If you wish to withdraw from the university at the end of the previous semester, you must submit a request for withdrawal by the noted deadline. If a student who has already paid the tuition and fees for the current semester is allowed to withdraw retrospectively at the end of the previous semester, the tuition and fees for the current semester will be refunded. Please note that requests for withdrawal cannot be accepted after the submission deadline for any reason.

※Please refer to the University Bulletin or the Loyola Download Centre for the deadline for submitting a request for withdrawal.

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