Issuance of Bills and Payment Deadline

Issuance of Bills, Date of Direct Debit, and Payment Deadline 2024

  • The bill is sent to the guarantor. As for graduate students and students whose guarantor lives outside of Japan, the bill will be sent to the student themselves. Please contact the Academic Records Section if you want to change the mailing address of where the bill be sent. Also please be sure to keep the LOYOLA address updated.
  • If payment is not completed due to insufficient balance, incomplete account registration, etc., we will send a reminder to both the student and the guarantor. Failure to meet the final deadline will result in dismissal from the University (Article 64 of the University Regulations or the Article 29 of the Graduate School Regulations).

(1) Undergraduate and Graduate and Course of Midwifery
(Excluding those whom entered Faculty of Liberal Arts on or before Academic year 2019)

 Spring SemesterAutumn Semester
Bills SentApril 16 (Tue.)September 26 (Thu.)
Date of Direct DebitMay 20 (Mon.)October 21 (Mon.)
Deadline for PaymentMay 31 (Fri.)November 10 (Sun.)

Note: For new students in AY2024, tuition bill for the Autumn Semester will be sent only if the Autumn Semester tuition has not been paid with the entrance fee.
Note: Information about the direct debit will be sent around June 2024 for new students.

(2) Faculty of Liberal Arts
(For those who entered Faculty of Liberal Arts on or before Academic year 2019)

After final confirmation of course registration, the bill will be issued, which will include all tuition and fees required for the term.

 Spring SemesterAutumn Semester
Bills SentMay 10 (Fri.)October 21 (Mon.)
Deadline for PaymentJune  7 (Fri.)November 18 (Mon.)

Note: If the students register the courses during the second and the fourth quarter courses registration period, the additional tuition bill will be sent.
Note: Direct Debit will not be offered to the students those who entered Faculty of Liberal Arts on or before Academic year 2019. Please pay tuition fees by bank transfer.

When performing payment procedures for academic fees from overseas

  • Sophia University has introduced the international academic fees payment service of Convera Japan Co., Ltd. and when paying academic fees from outside Japan, you can complete the procedure on the portal site of the service. For more information and how to use the system, please follow the links below.
  • (English) A Payment Transfer from Overseas
  • Click here to the portal site of the international academic fees payment service
  • When using a remittance service other than Convera, be sure to change the name of the transfer requester to the student. If you cannot change it, please contact us with the remittance date, amount, student name, etc. It will take some time from the remittance procedure to the payment to Sophia University. Please be sure to complete the procedure with plenty of time so that you can make a deposit at Sophia University by the deadline.

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