4-1 Sophia School Corporation Overview

4-1-1 Enrollment capacity

4-1-2 Cumulative number of graduates

4-1-3 Number of staff members

The number of full-time staff members (Directors, Deputy Directors, Technical Experts, Team Leaders, and Officers) has remained at an average of around 250 during the past decade. The increase observed in AY2011 is a result of merging with Seibo Gakuen. The increase seen in AY2014 is due to the reorganization of administration and the establishment of the Office of Global Education and Collaboration, and the Office of Language Education under the Bureau of Academic Affairs.
Given the diversification of administrative tasks, the number of nonregular staff members has increased by 60 over the past decade, resulting from promoting employment of persons with disabilities, diversification of the business field, and promoting direct employment of temporary staff members for enhancing the operational system.
Contract staff members have not been recruited since AY2015.

4-1-4 Age distribution of staff members

The average age of staff members (full-time, nonregular) has been in the early 40s over the past decade.
Broken down by age group, the enhancement of staff members in their twenties is an urgent issue.