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The Office of Institutional Research (IR Office), responsible for supporting administrative decisions by collecting, managing, analyzing and sharing academic and management data, published its first SOPHIA FACTBOOK in the 2015 academic year, compiling and organizing data from statistical material produced by each school of Sophia School Corporation to exhibit annual change. In the 2020 academic year, the SOPHIA FACTBOOK, which had been published in booklet form, will be renewed as “Sophia FACTS” and made available on the Internet. We have endeavored to present statistical figures in high demand in a more comprehensive and user-friendly way. Explanatory notes have been provided for topics that should be given special attention to promote better understanding of the changes observed. Furthermore, we have organized and visualized various data compiled through the activities and analysis performed by the IR Office, with an aim to provide a tool that will support decision-making by faculty and staff members of each school for more effective and practical operations.

We hope that this FACTBOOK will contribute to deeper understanding among stakeholders regarding the status of our schools and to strengthening the ties we share, as well as to future developments in educational and research activities.

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