1-8 Sophia University Faculty Members

1-8-1 Regular faculty members

The number of regular faculty members has shifted between a range of approximately 500-550 during the past decade. The total number of faculty members has increased due to the establishment of the Department of Nursing (2011) and the Faculty of Global Studies (2014).

(calculations conducted as of May 1 of each academic year)

1-8-2 Part-time faculty members

1-8-3 Foreign faculty members

Sophia University has traditionally featured a large number of both regular and part-time faculty members from North America and Europe, but recent trends show that regular faculty members from Asia are on the increase.
As more courses will be taught in foreign languages to achieve the goals of the Top Global University Project concept paper, Sophia will employ more foreign nationals in the future. The proportion of foreign faculty members to all faculty members is increasing.

(calculations conducted as of May 1 of each academic year)

Countries and regions included in each region

Asia China, ROK, India, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines
Africa South African, Sudan, Morocco
Oceania Australia, New Zealand
North America US, Canada
Central and South America Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Panama
Europe  Iceland, Austria, France, Germany, Ireland, Poland, Russia, Spain, UK, Belgium

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