COIL at Sophia

How does Sophia implement COIL?

 In-class COIL 

Sophia considers COIL as a means to connect students globally while in Tokyo. A wide range of courses incorporate COIL to enhance student learning and multicultural experience through in-class collaborations with international partners. Past course subjects include: International Nursing, Educational Development, Intercultural Communication, and Environmental Studies.
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 Student Mobility Programs (Inbound) 

Exchange students from COIL partner institutions participate in a unique mobility program in Japan, which combines student exchange experience with optional COIL courses and educational programs offered by the two partner institutions in Japan. Past students have participated in an advanced Japanese language course at Ochanomizu University and a study tour, which includes company visits and cultural activities, organized by University of Shizuoka.
●Shizuoka Study Tour

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 Student Mobility Programs (Outbound) 

Sophia students, who join the student exchange and short-term programs to COIL partner institutions, now participate in preparatory and follow-up COIL sessions to enhance their learning. The sessions are catered to each program and may be pre-lectures by faculty members at partner schools, a pen-pal project, and consultation session with senpais.
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●Mix of Intensive Program at U.S. University and Sophia’s COIL Classes

 Jesuit Worldwide Learning (JWL) Collaboration 

In collaboration with JWL, Jesuit World wide learning; a Jesuit Educational Institution which offers online courses to people at the margins, Sophia University organize a study program on site as well as provide online education courses through the JWL platform. In study program, students visit JWL site, governmental and international organizations in Myanmar to learn about the educational development issues. To contribute to solving educational inequality in the world, we will develop further collaboration with JWL.
●Myanmar Study Tour

Sophia’s COIL Project funded by the Japanese Government (2018-2022)

During the project, three universities from Japan, Sophia University, Ochanomizu University, and University of Shizuoka, and ten institutions from U.S. participated to (1) provide globally connected educational opportunities, (2) enhance multi-faceted student mobility programs, which incorporate resources from partner institutions and local societies, and (3) contribute toward elimination of educational inequality through COIL for students in developing countries. It was worth noting that all three universities began COIL initiatives in areas they have particular strengths, i.e., International Education for Sophia, Advanced Japanese education for Ochanomizu, and International Nursing for Shizuoka. Now that the project supported by the Japanese Government has ended, Sophia University is even more encouraging faculty to implement COIL and promote COIL related programs.

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