Leaders may face many challenges but overcoming those help them gain trust and appreciation.
They also develop their skills.

Soshigaya International House and Arrupe International Residents are our international dormitories where residents come from different backgrounds. These two dormitories have the Living Group as the basic unit of the community allowing students to learn and develop in diversity of the residential life. Living Group Leaders (LGLs) are appointed for the activities of this system. They are the representative of residents and facilitating many activities such as move-in support, workshop, exchange events, proposing and operating rule and so on to make the dormitory culture.

LGL Training

As the start of LGL activities, 2-day training was held.
The content of this training is about 1) What it takes to be LGL 2) Acquisition of skill 3) Formation of organization 4) Preparation and planning of upcoming semester activities and event. The training did not stop at the understanding of role and task of LGL but also provided contents about logical thinking and project management skills which are very essential during activities.
After two days of spending time together with various discussion, the training made the bond among LGLs stronger for activities of the whole semester.

Appreciation Party for Leaders

At the end of the semester, in order to express our gratitude, the Center for Student Affairs hold the appreciation party for students with residential leadership roles. Appreciation Party for Leaders is the chance for leaders of different dormitory to get together and share their experiences and know-hows of dormitory management.


How to become LGL

LGL activities are held on semester basis. Based on selection process of candidates, the Director of Center for Student Affairs appoints LGL members.

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