Sophia Soshigaya International House

Learning through community life in a multicultural environment

Sophia University began operating Sophia Soshigaya International House in April 2012 as a dormitory consisting of residential areas (separate men’s areas and women’s areas) and the co-ed shared area. Residents have opportunities to meet people of different cultures and language backgrounds in the House. In order to facilitate the personal growth of the international and Japanese students living together, SSIH has established a unique community system called “Living Group” since 2014. SSIH also has maintained the links with the local community to develop international understanding and cultural interaction.

Feature & Concept

The House operates under its educational principles, which are expressed in the “Mission” and “Vision of the House” as follows. The members of the House are required to actively participate in maintaining its order, in the House events and in its exchange activities, as well as complying with regulations and rules of the House.


“For Others, With Others”
Sophia Soshigaya International House is a home that aims to bring up persons of global competency, guided by Sophia University’s vision: “Character Building through Christian Humanism” and “Sophia – Bringing the World Together”


Students who live in this House may:
・Help each other, as a family with unity and responsibility
・Live together understanding and accepting all differences
・Become leading agents of creating the culture, atmosphere and order of the House

Living Group

We have organized the Living Group system to practice the above mentioned vision of the Soshigaya International House and which is exactly what Sophia University expects in this House. Twenty Living Groups have been established, consisting of around 15 members with different nationality and language as a premise that all residents should participate in it. There is one Living Group Leader (LGL) in each group. LGLs represent the residents and work with Center for Student Affairs as partner to build better dormitory. In collaboration with the Center for Student Affairs, LGL should facilitate activities of Living Group to practice the vision and mission of the dormitory as well as carrying out of various activities.

Regulations and living guide

The following are the rules and regulations as well as living guide of the House.

※Please check the contents carefully before applying.

※Please check the contents carefully before applying.

Facilities & Room Layout

The maximum period of occupancy is 2 years. On condition that the Director determines that such action is appropriate, the length of agreement may be extended.
Internet is provided in each room. Rent fee includes Internet fee.

Single Wing Rooms: 320 rooms (15. 08㎡)

*Japanese students can only apply for the single wings.
*Apart from the single wing, there is also family wings. Basic information regarding family building can be found here. Please contact us to to confirm the availability and application method to family building. (March 2024)

Manager stays inside the dorm. No meal service provided.


FY2023, FY2024 Dorm Fee

Monthly fee  45,000円(Including Internet fee and cost of utilities)
Entrance fee  45,000円(Once when moving-in; No refund)

The Single wings monthly fee for the month of moving-in and moving-out will be as follows.

Single wings monthly fee for the month of moving-in and moving-out

Moving-in between 21st and last day of the month
Moving-out between 1st and 10th of the month
15,000 yen
Moving-in and Moving-out between 11st and 20th of the month30,000 yen
Moving-in between 1st and 10th of the month
Moving-out between 21st and last day of the month
45,000 yen

Location: 4-24-1 Kamisoshigaya, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 157-0065
Maximum Capacity: 320 single rooms
Structure: RC 5 storey
Completion: 1993 (Reformed in 2012)
Transportation: One hour to Yotsuya Campus; twenty minutes’ walk from Seijogakuen-mae Station on the Odakyu line or from Sengawa Station on the Keio line.
Facilities: lounge, auditorium, conference rooms, study room,library, multipurpose room, tatami room; music room; room for prayer, cafeteria (with beverage vending machines), big kitchen (next to cafeteria); tennis court, gymnasium, training room; kitchens, laundry rooms (with coin-operated washers and dryers), shower rooms.

Application Information

Dorm visits for applicants by reservation-only. Please contact the dorm office for reservation. Soshigaya International House Office: 03-5384-1201;

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