DK House Shinkoiwa

DK HOUSE TOKYO SHINKOIWA is a clean and safe apartment/ dormitory-style residence in the east of Tokyo with
(1) High quality accommodations. Upscale buildings and classy interiors.
(2) Large-scale facilities only with an average of 100+ rooms.
(3) Friendly, bilingual staff on duty brings peace of mind.
(4) Equipped with security systems. (self-locking doors, security cameras, gender separated floors)
(5) Common areas cleaned daily. Always immaculate.


Address: 4-4-5 Shinkoiwa, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo, 124-0024 Japan

Direction to Sophia

Discount for Sophia’s exchange students

A ¥3,000 per month discount for contracts of 4 months or longer.


entrance Shinkoiwa
room Shinkoiwa
(Private Room)
kitchen Shinkoiwa
dining room Shinkoiwa
(Dining room)
common area Shinkoiwa
(Common area)
shower room Shinkoiwa
(Shower room)
common washroom Shinkoiwa
(Common washroom)
Welcome Party
(Welcome Party)
Welcome Party
(Welcome Party)

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Center for Global Education and Discovery
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