Spring 2024 Application Information for Sophia Soshigaya International House, Sophia Edagawa Men’s Dormitory (Updated on October 31, 2023)


  • September 5, 2023: Application Information for Spring 2024 Released
  • October 31, 2023: Due to the condition of facility, the university will not be accepting new applications to Sophia-Arrupe International Residence for the Spring Semester of 2024. We apologize to those who have considered applying to Arrupe International Residence for the Spring 2024. Information on support regarding housing has been added to the end of this application information so please consider that information as well.

Spring 2024 applications for Sophia dormitories (Sophia Soshigaya International House, Sophia Edagawa Men’s Dormitory) will be accepted under the following conditions.

Applicant eligibility

The following current or incoming students at Sophia University are eligible to apply:
Degree students (Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students); Non-Degree Students; Foreign Special Research Students; Research Students; Currently enrolled exchange students *Exchange students who plan to enroll in the program at Sophia should apply for Sophia dormitories following the instruction of the Center for Global Education and Discovery, Inbound Team.

★ Applicant should understand that dormitory is a place of community life and live together with consideration and respect for others; comply with the Mission, Vision, various systems, and regulations of each dormitory; Japanese laws, and manners. In addition, applicants will communicate and exchange with other residents while taking action to solve problems that arise in our daily dormitory life.

★ Applicant must agree with the condition that smoking (with all forms of cigarettes/tobacco, including new types of cigarettes/tobacco such as heated and electronic) is prohibited in all areas of the dormitory. No smoking room is provided. Applicants must fully understand that the dormitory is in a ward where smoking in public spaces is prohibited. Applicants must obey the non-smoking regulations.

★ Since the residents’ rooms are not completely soundproof, there is a certain amount of noise from daily life and activities. In addition, due to the geographical situation in Tokyo, it may be necessary to take measures against humidity in the dormitory. Students should apply to the dormitory with the understanding of this type of living environment.

★ The University is committed to preventing the spread of infectious diseases such as COVID-19.
Therefore, if you or others around you have a possibility of infection, you must follow the instructions from the University to prevent infection (for example, changing the room you are staying in, refraining from going out, etc.).
In addition, you must be able to comply with the rules and manners of each dormitory to prevent infection.

Number of accepted students

Each dormitory will accept a small number of Japanese and non-Japanese students.
Please be aware that there is no guarantee that all applicants will be admitted to the dormitories, depending on the capacity of the dormitory, application condition and so on. Even if you apply for Sophia dormitories, we recommend that applicants also consider designated dormitories, recommended dormitory, or general apartments for students etc.

Application schedule

First Application Period
Application period: From 9 a.m. December 8 (Fri.), 2023 to 9 a.m. December 15 (Fri.), 2023 (JST)
Notice of result: January 15 (Mon.), 2024

Second Application Period
Application period: From 9 a.m. February 19 (Mon.), 2024 to 9 a.m. February 27 (Tue.), 2024 (JST)
Notice of result: March 8 (Fri.), 2024 ※We recommend all applicants to consider designated dormitories, recommended dormitory, or general apartments for students etc. at the same time, as the notification of results will be closer to the semester starting time.

-Application schedule is in Japan time. No application is accepted after the application period.

-Students who are accepted to Sophia University before the end of dorm application period will be eligible for the screening process. Please be advised that applicants who have not received the results of their entrance examinations by the last day of application, or whose results were “Conditional Acceptance” will not be eligible for the selection process. We recommend those applicants to apply on the next application period for the 2024 Fall semester moving-in, or to consider designated dormitories, recommended dormitory, or general apartments for students etc.

-There will be no disadvantages in screening process regardless of the time of application, student status, year of admission (incoming /current students and so on).

-As a tentative schedule, the successful applicants will be able to move-in into the dormitory during the designated moving-in period (Soshigaya Dormitory: 8:00-22:00 on March 27 (Wed.) – 31 (Sun.), 2024; Edagawa Dormitory: 7:00-21:00 on March 27 (Wed.) – 30 (Sat.), 2024). The schedule for this designated moving-in period (a finalized one) will be announced at the time of notification of acceptance. Please follow the instructions from the university in case you are required to take quarantine outside the dormitory for a prescribed period as specified by the university when entering Japan from abroad due to an infectious disease outbreak such as COVID-19.

-Please note that there will be no additional application period for the 2024 Spring semester moving-in other than the above schedule.

-The next application will be for the 2024 Fall semester moving-in. As a tentative schedule, the next application information will be posted around June 2024.


Screening will be based on the online application form contents while considering the Ideal image of Sophia dormitory residents. (No interview will be held)
Information regarding the selection process, including the reasons for the acceptance or rejection results of this selection process, will not be disclosed and we will not be able to respond to any related inquiries.
Below is the content of the online application form. Due to the Internet and equipment environment, it is recommended that you prepare your answers in advance before entering the information, as the answer data may be lost during the entry process.

Ideal image of Sophia dormitory residents

-Students who can be engaged in the planning and organizing of events and exchanges among residents in the dormitory.
-Students who have clear ideas for the vitalization of the dormitory, and who can utilize their experience such as in international exchange and community life to help create an active educational dormitory.
-For dormitories with a mission and vision, students who understand the mission and vision, can put them into practice in concrete ways, and can take a leadership role in dormitory operations.

Application form

Please be sure to check the rules, regulations and facilities etc. of each dormitory before applying.

Application form:

※Application can be made via above online form. After your submission, we will send the confirmation that we received your application to your email within 3 working days. If you do not receive our confirmation email, your application may not be completed. Therefore, please fill in the form again or contact us via below email.

Contact: dorm-co@sophia.ac.jp

Information Regarding Housing

For information on housing other than Sophia dormitories, please refer to the links below.

  • Housing Support by Sophia Campus Support, a company owned by our Sophia School Corporation:

-Information regarding affiliated real estate agencies
-Online housing fair for international students

・お部屋探し「協力会社」一覧 List of Affiliated real estate agencies
2024 Housing Guide Booklet
Please see page 18 onwards of the web catalog below.
If you find a place you are interested in, you can contact the real estate agency directly on page 17.
・『住まい探し相談会』日程のご案内 Schedule of “Sessions on Housing” (Japanese only)
・学生専用物件の資料請求 Request for materials regarding student housing

  • Sophia designated dormitories and recommended dormitory:

*Please apply and confirm the availability directly to the management companies of designated dormitories and recommended dormitory.

-Designated dormitory Sophia Higashi Nakano Dormitory (Female)
-Designated dormitory Sophia Kasai International House (Female)
-Designated dormitory Student Hall “Luxlass” (Male & Female)
-Recommended dormitory Lestonnac Izumikan (Female) *Japanese only

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