Message from the university to exchange students who are considering this dorm:

Students who would wish to stay at Sophia dormitories should confirm below carefully since there are many important points. In the past years, sadly, there are students who did not confirm the Notice carefully and this caused mismatching situation during their stay at Sophia dormitories. The university strongly wishes to prevent such regretful experiences for exchange students and request all students to confirm below information carefully.

In April 2012, Sophia University opens the co-ed dormitory as an “International House” for foreign international students and Japanese students who come from distant homes; Sophia hopes that living in a community with multiple cultures and languages will enhance important aspects of human growth.
There is a live-in dormitory manager. Meals are not served, but a kitchen is available for shared use.

Mission and Vision of Sophia Soshigaya International House (SSIH)
Sophia Soshigaya International House (SSIH) is a dormitory run by Sophia University under its university educational principles which are expressed in the “Mission statement” and “Vision of the House” as follows. The members of the House are required to actively participate in maintaining its order, house events and its exchange activities. Those who agree with the mission and vision of the House are welcome to send your applications.

Basic Information

Address: 4-24-1, Kami-soshigaya, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Web Page: Sophia Soshigaya International House

Direction to Sophia

In consideration this dormitory

  • Applicant should understand that dormitory is a place of community life and live together with consideration and respect for others; comply with the Mission, Vision, various systems, and regulations of each dormitory; Japanese laws, and manners. In addition, applicants will communicate and exchange with other residents while taking action to solve problems that arise in our daily dormitory life.
  • Applicant must agree with the condition that smoking (with all forms of cigarettes/tobacco, including new types of cigarettes/tobacco such as heated and electronic) is prohibited in all areas of the dormitory. No smoking room is provided. Applicants must fully understand that the dormitory is in a ward where smoking in public spaces is prohibited. Applicants must obey the non-smoking regulations.
  • Since the residents’ rooms are not completely soundproof, there is a certain amount of noise from daily life and activities. In addition, due to the geographical situation in Tokyo, it may be necessary to take measures against humidity in the dormitory. Students should apply to the dormitory with the understanding of this type of living environment.
  • The University is committed to preventing the spread of infectious diseases such as COVID-19. Therefore, if you or others around you have a possibility of infection, you must follow the instructions from the University to prevent infection (for example, changing the room you are staying in, refraining from going out, etc.). In addition, you must be able to comply with the rules and manners of each dormitory to prevent infection.
  • Ideal image of Sophia dormitory residents:
    • Students who can be engaged in the planning and organizing of events and exchanges among residents in the dormitory.
    • Students who have clear ideas for the vitalization of the dormitory, and who can utilize their experience such as in international exchange and community life to help create an active educational dormitory.
    • For dormitories with a mission and vision, students who understand the mission and vision, can put them into practice in concrete ways, and can take a leadership role in dormitory operations.

Fee and regulations for Exchange Students

For exchange students, there are some differences in fees, payment methods, and regulations. These will be given to the students directly at the time of signing the contract.

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